Ryvah - Plight of the Fairies
Plight of the Fairies
A book of fantasy, magic, dragons, love, and desire that will capture your soul and inspire your imagination.

A classic story of a poor boy falling in forbidden love and having to overcome impossible mythical monsters, magical dragons, and political corruption. The beautiful magical fairies, enchanted dryads, and mystical nymphs of the forest need love, need freedom, they need a hero, but all John Shadow knows is that the joy of painting is more precious to him than any amount of wealth or power. Besides, fairies don’t really exist, or do they? John is a young man who has accepted his miserable existence. He has never seen a fairy, never danced in a dryad circle, never thought a girl might like him, much less actually kissed one. He’s most definitely never been arrested, used magic, nor fought a Minotaur. However, all of that changes when a chance encounter with a fairy brings him into an incredible magical world where what he loves is taken away from him and demonized. He must fight for love and freedom or die trying.
The Dryads
Mimi’s eyes are bright blue and sparkled with gold flecks. Her skin appears to have a touch of blush in all the right spots and smells like fresh-cut strawberries. Mimi is not just beautiful, she is graceful, luscious, and confident. Unlike other dryads, Mimi has power and she knows it.
The Minotaur
Deep in a dark cave, lit by a fireplace, the glowing horns of the Minotaur cast a flickering shadow on the rock wall while the monster toils away tirelessly.
In this story the Minotaur is an intelligent and fearsome villain.
The Fairies
Lily stands only half as tall as a normal person, her wings glimmer silvery-blue and her eyes shine like blue ice as the light reflects off the water, appearing to put a spotlight on her. Her skin appears to be covered in swirls of silver and blue glitter. From her appearance, an onlooker might mistake her to be a young adolescent, however, she is a fairy and will soon see her second-century birthday. She sings, smiles, and giggles with the very essence of life. Water drips off her skin, and her hands brush over her body. She bathes under waterfalls. Her wings flutter and flick the water off, the small waterfall provides a gentle shower for her. She smiles, knowing she has is being watched, but she has seen John in the forest before and has waited for him to come to her.
The Demons
The small black beguiler, radiates evil and hate, drifting unchallenged through town. The beguiler, is a hideous spherical beast that floats through the air like a jellyfish does in water. With its dozen beady little eyes at the end of its tentacles, one massive eye, and a mouth that seems far too large for its body, it is a true manifestation of evil.
The Dwarf
The dwarf is strong and proud, an old clan crest is etched and inlaid with gold on the massive double-sided blade of his nickel battle-axe. The clan crest matches the ones on his plate armor and ruby ring. The ring identifies him, not as a lord, but as a soldier, and his life is dedicated to the destruction of the fire giants that have declared war on his homeland.
The Dragon
The dragon’s head is easily fifteen feet wide, its teeth the size of swords, the skin around its eyes wrinkled and streaked with gray. What would have been its bright red scales of adulthood have turned brown with age.
The Name
Ryvah (Rahy-va), noun. 1. A state of being in which your own life ceases to have value except to become a tool of fate, whose only purpose is to fight for, and if need be, die for, the absolute unconditional right to freedom and love. 2. The ultimate pursuit of freedom.
I love and passionately fight for freedom. My love of fairies, magic, and romance has shaped my art and my books with a wild landscape of myth and fantasy.

I’m a single father of the two most amazing children I know. My fourteen year old daughter is kind and loves my books and can’t wait until I finish the next one. While my twelve year old son enjoys the dragons and terrifying beasts within my work.

I spend my time writing, creating, or making art. I have degrees in art, math, physics, and computer programming. I love painting and bodypainting which is a blessing and curse. I have hundreds of artworks! You see, I don’t have walls, I have a collage of my art, not all of it is “politically correct,” but neither is life.
Born 1969, Hartford, Connecticut

Avrom is the only child by his biological mother and father but has ten siblings from them. He spent his childhood years on the East Coast and has lived in California since 1981. Avrom wrote a lot during his school years and favors Sci-Fi and Fantasy stories when having the time to read.

Avrom has owned his own comic book and game store, Adventures and Comics and Games, for twenty years and his online portion of the business, adventuresON.com for about twelve years. He has been heavily involved in the comic and game industry as an official price guide advisor for both comic books and collectible cards, for multiple different companies. He also has play testing credits that include two card games and two role playing games.
The Magic
Yeah, I went a little overboard. I wanted the magic to feel real and authentic. The Runes you see within Ryvah are more than random lines. There is a history, a rhythm, a patten to every squiggle and line, and it all has meaning. Ryvah's runes were derived from the modern Wicca which in turn derived the runes from the Theban alphabet which was first published in Johannes Trithemius’ Polygraphia (1518). This runic script of Ryvah has both characters and a pictographic symbol. The pictographic symbol was more useful in certain areas and a full set of pictographic symbols exists for all the groups, orders, and types. Let’s start with the shape. Just about everyone knows that a five pointed runic circle is called a pentagram, but what are the rest of them called?
Number of sides Name
2. duoagram
3. triagram
4. quadagram
5. pentagram
6. hexagram
7. heptagram
8. octagram
9. enneagram
10. decagram
11. hendecagram
12. dodecagram
13. triskaidecagram
14. tetrakaidecagram
15. pendedecagram
16. hexdecagram
17. heptdecagram
18. octdecagram
19. enneadecagram
20. icosagram
The reason this spell is a five pointed pentagram is because it has five effects (A, H, I, O, and M). A fire attack spell with six effects would be a hexagram. A rock kinessis with ten effects would be a decagram. If we look close we can see that each point of the pentagram has a runic character in it. Now, as you have probably guessed, the runic characters are the effects of the spell. We see a large rune in the center of the pentagram. The symbol in the center can be the group, order or type of the spell. The balls that are pined in the inner corner of the star and the inner circle define the type of the spell. This one has no type. The text inside the ring is the name of the spell. If you can read wiccan you would see that the spell above is hypnotism and the one above that (that is almost impossible to read) is blossom.
More to Come
Ryvah - Plight of the Fairies
His dad sighed, reaching into his coat pocket and pulling out an old piece of parchment: “When you were little I needed help, and my pastor gave me this blessing.” He read from the parchment, “Sometimes in life there comes a need so deep and basic that nothing except its absolute unconditional fulfillment can satisfy a person’s soul. When this occurs, one’s own life ceases to have value, except so far as to be selflessly sacrificed to become a tool of fate whose only purpose is to fight for, and if need be, to die for the basic human right to fulfill that need.” “You keep saying that.” The artist looked up. “But I still don’t know what it means.” Turning to walk away, his dad glanced back and said, “You’ll figure it out someday.”
Ryvah - Twinkle Little Star
Twinkle turned around quickly, heart pounding, she stared at Mimi with intense determination. A chill ran down Mimi’s spine. That took Mimi by surprise. Mimi had only met two others during her life that give her a chill like that. The first was Pathleana, the second was John. She stepped backward. “Cat or mouse?” Twinkle jumped to her feet. She was breathing hard. She was close. Mimi could smell her, feel her, and her whole body tingled. “I’m the strongest dryad in the forest. I do not play mouse.” “Really?” Twinkle stepped forward to challenging her on that, “I do not know what it is or how to use it,” she was insanely confident, “but, this is what is inside . . . me.” She started to let raw unrefined and controlled mana bleed out of her. Lots of it! She stepped forward again and pined Mimi against her own tree. “Meow.”
Ryvah - Tiftin of the Ice
“No.” Lily’s hands reached up to cover her face. “What do you mean? What is happening.” “Several days ago Blue left the forest. I have been searching for her. I have cast locate, identify, message.” Pink lifted her arms. “I can’t find her. She is like a sister to me, and now Macadamia has left me too.” “Umm, did Macadamia tell you how he left?” John asked reluctantly. He had a nasty feeling in the pit of his stomach. “He said he teleported away. He is not that good at teleport so I do not think is to far.” she said hopefully. “Maybe we can track him down?” “Oh god.” John took a step backward. “Don’t ask for my help anymore.” John took another step backward “Just don’t ask.” “It’s not your fault.” Pink looked at John. “Do you have any idea how far I can teleport with my wand?” John held his wand out. “Well thank God he did not have your wand.” Pink said. “I didn’t know what he wanted to do.” John replied. “No,” she gasped shaking her head and crying, “he did not barrow your wand?” “I’m sorry pink. I’m so sorry.” Flash. John was gone. “NOOOOooooo!” Pink whaled.

Ryvah - Secross Third Realm
The hours passed and John was tucking Laika into bed. She had worn her new pajamas all day and still was, tucked under her right arm were all her new dolls, and tucked under her left were all her stuffed bears. “Goodnight Laika.” John kissed her head. “Goodnight dad, goodnight Betty, Lisa, Jennifer, Tony, Danny, and Eric.” John was puzzled only for a moment as Laika kissed the head of each one of her dolls and bears. Apparently the bears were all boys. “Now be good and don’t you bother Lisa.” Laika scolded the stuffed bear named Danny. Her bedroom floor was scattered with toys. She had used a box as a miniature table and her tea cups were still half full of water from here last tea party with her new family. As John walked out to the front room he saw them. The lipstick, perfume, sexy panties and bras, untouched. She had not even brought them back to her bead room. “My god she is young.” John just looked at them. “That poor girl. Boys may have discovered her, but honestly,” he picked them up and put them on the table, “she doesn’t even know what a boy is yet.”

Ryvah - White Nymph Laika
Working on the rough draft.
Ryvah - Eternal Flame
Working on the outline.
Ryvah - Simple Safe Pleasure
Working on the outline.
Spooky Empire’s, 2013 Oct 25-27, Florida
AOD, 2014 Jan 25-26, San Francisco CA
Kraken Con 2014 April 6, Oakland CA
Fanime 2014 May 23, San Jose CA

I love helping other people and have four different seminars that I do currently.
The Reality of Writing
Description: this is an in-depth look at what you need to succeed at publishing today, how to avoid common mistakes, how to establish proper expectations of yourself, and a cost analysis of e-books, self published books, and traditional publications.

Creating Continuity
Description: We are going to layout the basic structure of writing and explain in simple steps how to create sold storylines and plots that feel real and vibrant. Then we are going to finish up by taking a couple storylines from members of the audience and were are going to suggest ideas and ways to improve the continuity of the storyline.

Creating Villains that Readers Love to Hate
Description: We are going to explain how to create villains that readers love to hate, how to create a villain in a tabletop RPG that your players fear yet strive to kill. We will cover the subtle tricks that add depth, feeling, and fear to your storyline be it a book, manga, or RPG.

W.A.S. (Writers Against Scams )
Description: I will show you what you need in your contract and what you have to get rid of. The single most important step you make for each publication you are involved in will be negotiating the contract. The signing of a contract can destroy all of your hard work, or save your butt from a scam.

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