Our Philosophy

We believe freedom can only be obtained with tolerance. You can not get freedom with blood, sweet, or money. It does not matter how many people you kill, how hard you work, or how much money you spend, FREEDOM will never be obtained! You must be tolerant of the behavior that is uncomfortable to you in order for someone else to be tolerant of your behavior which is uncomfortable to them.

To often in our culture people sacrifice the freedom of others, so they will not be offended. It is our belief that this is a mistake. To practice wide spread censorship over content that is totally within the law has devastating long term effects. It suffocates creativity, lowers moral, and encourages political corruption through the oppression of ideas that don't conform.

It is our belief that there are few goals in life as worthwhile as obtaining and maintaining freedom. It is an objective that is worth dying for and killing for. When freedom is taken away, the culture suffers and decays until it finally collapses. If we do not fight to protect and preserve the freedom our ancestors died to obtain for us, our children will die to get it back.

It is our mission to find those that love freedom, bring them together and unite them, defend what freedom we have, and fight for more.

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